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What we do

What We Do

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Twice the fun in Europe

Bratislava, Slovakia

Where it all began. Founded in 2011 by a bunch of geeks, tigerVPN was born and started to attract customers from all around the world. Our approach was uniqe, giving customer a meaningful dashboard, high speed infrastructure, the tigerVPN Karma Rewards Bonus program and a very nice visual approach. Later on, the office became to small and we moved to the business tower in Karadzicova. Bratislava is our HQ, where all the logistics comes together and transforms into valuable products loved by our customers.

Bucharest, Romania

The Silicon Valley of Europe in the main capital of Romania, Bucharest. Talented young people with outstanding education, motivation and passion to do well at their job made us open our second office in 2015. Next to Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and other recognized companies, we opened our cosy office to help the ever growing demand. Together with Marketing, Support, Development and Engineers, we are building meaningful products and support our customers from all around the world. Occasionally we play Football on the Playstation.


Join a talented team changing the world of communication

UI/UX Designer | Web
  • Pixel Artist
  • Stunning Designs
  • Adobe Suite, Sketch
  • Office Bucharest | Romania
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Customer Support
  • Text Ninja
  • Helpdesk Pro
  • English, German...
  • Office Bucharest | Romania
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Web developer
  • PHP & AngularJS Junkie
  • Front & Backend Hero
  • API Ninja
  • Office Bucharest | Romania
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You can always apply out of your own initiative, if you can bring values to our company.

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